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What makes Regrow Anti-Balding Hair Food right for you?

* Non intrusive procedure

* Guaranteed Results (see terms and condition)

* Stops hair loss (noticed within days)

* Promotes new growth

* Strengthens and thickens hair

* Prevents hair breakage

* Microscopically proven

* No side effects

* Made from herbs and other natural ingredients

What do I need to know about Regrow Anti-Balding Hair Food?

Regrow Anti-Balding product is classified for cosmetic use. All of its ingredients have undergone safety checks by a certified consultant.

How does it work?

When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, Regrow Anti-Balding hair product cleanses your scalp and feeds the root follicles promoting new hair growth whilst protecting the rest of the hair.

Direction of Use

For best results apply small amount sparingly to washed scalp and hair twice a day for the first week and then once a day from then on.For areas or patches that needs special attention and washing the whole head of hair is a problem cleanse specific area and apply as above.The use of other hair products like chemicals, oils, greases etc. could affect the effectiveness of Regrow Anti-Balding, because grease decreases the ability of the active ingredients to penetrate the scalp and hair.

What are the Terms and conditions on guaranteed results?

To qualify for a refund, applicants will have to visit a trichologist before and after using Regrow Anti-Balding product.This service is available through our trichologist, where we will scan the affected area and after 14 days of consistent use, we will guarantee result. This result is proven microscopically with the use of microscopic analysis. You may also use an independent trichologist

What is a trichologist?

A professional trichologist is a certified hair and scalp specialist.

Regrow Anti-Balding Hair Food

The cost is £120.00 for approximately three month’s supply (50g) and includes optional free consultation with trichologist.

Regrow Maintenance Hair Food

When you are happy with the condition of your hair after using Regrow Anti-Balding we recommend using Regrow Maintenance. This product cost less and will maintain the hair.

Free postage for orders over £7.50.

An extra £2.00 for orders of £7.50 or less.

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